Die ersten 7 Tage - Fotos von Margaret Cogswell

Margaret Cogswell posted während ihrer Artist in Residence Zeit in Oktober jeden Tag 1 Foto auf Facebook und Instagram.

Wir verlinken ihre Posts und sammeln sie zusätzlich in "7 Tage" Alben. 

Margaret Cogswell ist da!



Auf Vorschlag von KUNST:RAUM Gmunden ist Margaret Cogswell im Oktober im Gastatelier des Landes OÖ, Gmunden. Die Künstlerin aus den USA arbeitet mit Papier in allen Formen.


KRG Botschafterinnen in u.s.a.

Elisa Treml und Donna E. Price
drift: [know no borders]

@Weizenblatt Gallery an der Mars Hill University


About the Exhibition:


drift: [know no borders]

The definition of drift is “to be carried slowly by a current of air or water”, “to be blown into heaps by the wind”, “a continuous slow movement from one place to another” or “the general intention or meaning of an argument or someone’s remarks”.

In a fast-paced and ever changing world, everything is in motion. We “drift” from one place to another, for the most part, with ease. But as it is in the current political climate, many people are being forced to “drift”, against their will to places of uncertainty and instability. To “drift” can bring some great pleasure and discovery, to others, much fear and anxiety. It is in this vein of fear and anxiety that I want my drawings to address a more positive side. The small format drawings are first created by using sepia ink to create totally random “islands” and “borders”. I then bring an element of tenderness into the drawings by making thousands of dots in various sizes. For me, the aggregate of dots represent pollen. Pollen is something that no man can control. Pollen drifts on the wind, crossing landscapes, borders and countries. Pollen is essential for life to continue in nature. Pollen brings beauty and certainty to our chaotic lives. We can always depend on pollen to perpetuate the production of fruit and the blossoms of flowers.

As an Ausländer or foreigner in another land, I have made the choice to “drift” from my familiarity to a place where I am forced to cultivate new ideas and ways of being in the world. One must adapt and change to fit expectations of a given culture but at the same time, humans must strive to find compassion and understanding for those who have different beliefs. To carry within ones’ self the rituals and traditions from our former lives has the potential to enrich others’ lives beyond measure.


Hier ein LINK zu einem Artikel über die Ausstellung "drift: [know no borders]" von Elisa Treml und Donna E. Price

Am Donnerstag, 27. Oktober wird die Ausstellung "drift: [know no borders]" von unseren KRG Botschafterinnen Donna E. Price und Elisa Treml in der Weizenblatt Gallery an der Mars Hill University in North Carolina, USA, eröffnet.

Eine wunderbare Ausstellung!


In Paige Hamilton-Davis Studio in Celo, North Carolina, werden die Teile für das große Ausstellungsstück fertiggestellt.